The Wealthy Consultant

The Wealthy Consultant is a fully engineered training & implementation platform for experts to become consultants or grow enjoyable, profitable consulting businesses in less time (and with less effort). 

The framework of Wealthy Consulting works through an “ascension” model designed to take experts from level 1 (startup; no clients or just a few clients) to level 4 (harvest; selling or exiting the business with true enterprise value). 

Startup: no clients or just a few clients. 

The expert must decide on one addressable market, one unique offer, one acquisition system for new clients, and one traffic source to generate their leads. The skills developed in this phase are marketing, sales, and client fulfillment & delivery. 

Modern Day Consultant (MDC) addresses all of these skill gaps & works with the expert to stand up their consulting business in a way that is profitable and sustainable. MDC clients who are in “Startup” phase focus on Phase I curriculum and participate in Phase I coaching. 

Buyback: buying back time & building redundancy. 

The expert now must go from one traffic source to 3, one acquisition system to 6, one offer to 3 (etcetera). In addition, we begin leveraging systems, technology, automation, and team to buy back their time so they are free to invest more into their clients & their business. 

Modern Day Consultant (MDC) Phase II addresses all of these gaps & works with the expert to duplicate their acquisition systems, create new products for clients and customers, and initial roadmap for team development. MDC clients who are in “Buyback” phase focus on Phase II curriculum and participate in Phase II coaching. 

Multiply: ownership structures, enterprise value, and asset acquisition for net worth building.

The expert now must exit Modern Day Consultant and, if they choose to, enter the Wealthy Consultant franchise as a member. Our franchise members enjoy access to off market investment opportunities from our extensive network, private job recruiting opportunities, and agency-style “done for you” implementation of all acquisition systems, media, tech set up & deployment, and operating documents for the business and its assets. 

The franchise is a full stop shop for experts who want to generate $10-20M per year with maximum leverage. We over advisory services & agency services in every area of the business from marketing, to team & leadership, to legal. 

Harvest: exit or liquidate the business. 

The expert is ready to move on to other ventures. At this stage, it is about finding the right strategic buyer who is interested and capitalized enough to purchase the company from the expert. We provide light counsel as far as buy out terms & prices, but at this stage the expert is referred out to one of our acquisitions partners who can help navigate the exit transition with & for them. 

How Our Products Are Designed

All programs in The Wealthy Consultant suite follow a similar model. Our consulting products are state of the art and well designed for speed & experience. The core program (Modern Day Consultant) runs on three unique rails to protect the client experience: 

  • Curriculum

  • Community 

  • Coaching 

Curriculum is the educational arm of the program and is designed to educate & instill basic principles that are required to grow a healthy consulting firm. Community is about networking & relational development. Part of our process requires an enhancement of the mental paradigms & beliefs an expert carries about themselves and their business. Coaching is, as it sounds, the custom advisory that we’ve become known for. 

Coaching elements are organized in four unique ways: 

  • Classroom style (a group gets together for training & questions) 

  • Implementation days (every month we run full implementation days to implement the curriculum) 

  • Fly ins / event style (every month we run in person events for members to attend)

  • One-on-one (each week we cater to a variety of 1:1 calls with private coaches on our staff) 

The ideal client runway for experts in our market is as follows: 

  • The expert enrolls in one of our lower level products (the consulting memo or similar) 

  • They decide they enjoy our style of business and want to expand into creating their own firm

  • From there, they enroll & participate in Modern Day Consultant Phase I for 12 weeks 

  • After the initial 12 weeks they spend 10 months with us on Phase II working through “Buyback” 

  • After that 10 month period, they want to keep growing, and join our Franchise as a full member 

  • Over a period of 3 years we build an empire with them that is safe, dependable and enjoyable 

  • At the 5 year mark, they find a buyer through our network and sell 80% to buyer for capital and keep 20% of their brand for the upside potential 

Done this way — experts in our suite should have the option to work or not work after their five year sprint with us, due to how their businesses are set up from the beginning. 

If you’re reading this and are a client, there are support materials in your Community and through our support email ( 


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