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"Die with Zero" will help you sort out and prioritize things that matter. Fascinating insights about maximizing experiences (while you can) https://www.amazon.com/Die-Zero-Getting-Your-Money/dp/0358099765

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That picture of your child waiting for her dad hit me right in the heart. I have those moments every day where I ask myself if I’m giving my best self to my kids.

Thanks for the reminder

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Absolutely nuts, Taylor

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The picture of your daughter and the story with it have confirmed to me how important it is to “show up” for those who care about us and we truly care for the most. It has been haunting me the past few weeks while I have been extra busy that I might not be showing up enough for my kids. The story about your daughter was the tipping point. I have not scheduled a full week off after about 6 months of 50+ hours per week.

Thank you Taylor and keep sharing.. God is using your lessons for all of us..

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"WHO you are is more important than what you have."

So profound.

I think once you are centered on who YOU are, it doesn't matter WHAT you have.

It's not important WHAT you have.

That's one thing.

But also, the good thing about being/discovering who you are is:

WHAT you have will AUTOMATICALLY be ALIGNED to who YOU ARE once you discover that.

There's no conflict.

You only attract that which is aligned to who you are.

Thanks for the reminder :)

Great post!

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